Super Major Blog Revamp

My long planned blog revamp since Blogging201. The major differences are the new blog name, tagline, WordPress theme, and an updated About page.

The Friday Rejoicer   Celebrate every week with pretty finds

Here is the BEFORE for comparison.

sorbet valentine theme alittletypical

After blogging for 10 months, I have finally found what I want to blog about centrally. It was all started from my love of Pinterest. Now I can share all the beautiful things I comb from the internet and highlight those lesser-known photographers, artists, crafters and makers that you would have to search long otherwise.

Hence the new blog name, The Friday Rejoicer.

Read this post for my journey of finding a new blog name.

Here are some of the websites and resources I used to create my new blog look.

  • Header and tagline fonts are from Dafont, which has wide variety of beautiful fonts for free. I used Sketch Block by and Jenna Sue which is named after the artist.
  • Use of Adobe Illustrator which comes with a lot of free patterns. The straight cross pattern is from its inbuilt graphic library, Basic Graphic Texture.
  • Matala WordPress theme by Matt Mullenweg. A versatile theme that I can model to the look I want.
  • Chrome app, Colorzilla to pick the main colours from the WordPress theme.
  • Evernote and Pinterest to collect ideas and inspirations.

Last of all, I’m still in the midst of making more changes. Do comment and give me feedback of the new blog look.

>>>>> Thanks for visiting! <<<<<

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