Presenting The New Blog Name and

present the new blog nameFinally giving a new name to my blog!

This blog is started with a vague idea to share my everyday life. So in a rush of adrenaline, I just setup a blog called ‘A Little Typical’ that showcases my typical faves and thoughts.

However, during the Blogging 201 exercise, I finally made the decision to revamp my blog from top to bottom. Read on to see how I go through my blog renaming process for a new blog name that shouts my character.

Here’s my brainstorm flow.

1) Research

Take inspiration from the top bloggers. See how they create a mark with their unique blog name. Don’t forget to take a leaf from WP Dailypost advice on “Choosing the perfect blog name”. For myself, I have also compiled a post which shares a little insights on my favourite bloggers’ naming style.

2) Keywords

Brainstorm some keywords that can describe the blogger and the blog.


  • Four-eyed
  • Fickle minded
  • Love beautiful things
  • Picky
  • Sarcastic
  • Spontaneous
  • Hoarder
  • Going 25 ->quarter century

Blog direction

  • Sharing of interesting finds
  • Curation of art & design
  • Uploading of own creation of graphics, illustrations and wallpapers
  • Journal down interesting events in my everyday life

3) Expand

Use to expand the keywords in Step 2.

  • Fickle minded
    • Moody
    • Erratic
    • Skittish
    • Volatile
    • Playful
    • Dizzy
    • Fleeting
    • Yo-yo
  • Curator
    • Observer
    • Gazer
    • Sharer
  • Design
    • Style
    • Sketchbook
    • Notion
    • Journal
    • Space

4) Variation

Make and forms words. They can be blog names or tagline.

  • Quarter Century Club
  • Observer is Fickle
  • Fickle Favoritism
  • Square & Share
  • Share Day
  • Visual Diary – Dissect my favorite art & design
  • Diary’s Favourites – Share beautiful things is my passion
  • Pretty Fave – Lifestyle + Design
  • Favoritism is Good! – Uncover gems in life
  • In Favour of Favouritism! – The state of being a favorite.
  • Moody Observer with a Yo-yo style
  • Curated by Bel
  • Hello Belindq!
  • Design Gazer
  • Fond & Fancy

5) Decision

Here come’s the decision-making time. Go over the names created in Step 4 and filter through with your set of criteria.

Let’s discuss my blog name requirements.

  • Great identification of the blogger and blog – rings a bell on my readers’ mind when they come across the blog
  • Sound nice – short & simple
  • Look nice – look good in my favourite fonts
  • Able to fit any future new content
  • Not taken in most blogging platform, social medias, and etc
  • (Optional) able to create a pretty blog initial

Lastly, my new blog name is …

The Friday Rejoicer

The above naming ideas are free for all to use!

>>>>> Thanks for visiting! <<<<<

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3 replies to “Presenting The New Blog Name and

    1. I have came up a new name that start with “The”. But I’m only going to release the name once I finalise whether to buy a domain or host my own website.


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