6D5N Perth Road Trip Itinerary

Just went to Perth from 29 May to 3 Jun with my colleagues and their families. Reason for picking Perth for this holiday trip was the cool weather. Singapore summer can be as hot as 35 degree whereas Perth is Fall season right now, highest is only 22 degree.

My 6D5N Perth Road Trip itinerary

Day 1 – Blue House Boathouse & Watertown Brand Outlet

Day 2 – Caversham Wildlife Park, Swan Valley, Fremantle

Day 3 – Pinnacles, Fremantle

Day 4 – Busselton Jetty, Margaret River, Voyager Estate

Day 5 – Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse, Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, Boranup Forest, Lake Clifton Thrombolites

Day 6 – Carillon City

My Expense Breakdown

Category Cost (in SGD)
Air ticket (Singapore Airline) $744
Accommodation for 5 nights $587
Fraser Suites 4 nights – $502
Pullman 1 night – $85
Transport $179
Car rental – $152
Car park – $7
Petrol – $20
Food $220
Shopping $34
Place of Interest $30
Total $1,794

Things to take note:
1) Air Ticket & Accomodation

As this trip was quite last minute planned, flight ticket and hotel accommodation were costly. We took Singapore Airline which was around $744 per pax. We stayed in suites rooms in Fraser Suites Perth & Pullmans Bunker Bay Resort.

For Fraser, the room are for family – 2 queen size bed bedrooms. Per pax is $125 per night. While for Pullman, it comes with 1 king sized and 1 twin bedrooms. Per pax is $85. However, I will advise to book hostel or home-stay apartment along your road trip to save time travel back and fro. We made the mistake by booking all nights at Perth city which is such a hassle if you plan to travel all South. And there is really nothing to do in the City which even the locals say so.

2) Australia Airport Custom

I heard from a lot of people saying the very strict rule of Australia Custom. So I was quite worried they will bar me from bringing my must-eat sour preserved prunes for car sickness. They are not the factory packed prunes but packed by myself in a small plastic bag. Not sure was it always so easy, after declaring on the arrival slip, they just cursorily look at my prunes and let me go. Then, there will be another stop whereby the officer will gather a handful of travellers to bring the police dog to sniff your luggage. Two of my colleagues skipped this stop as the officers led them to the express lane. A word of advice, better be safe than sorry, if in doubt, just declare on the arrival slip.

3) Car Rental

We rent a SUV Large – 7 Seater Toyota Kluger for $1065 from Hertz for a group of 7 travellers for 6 days. Hertz has a counter at Perth Airport just outside the Arrival Hall. Note that the salesperson will offer to give a full tank for a cheaper rate. However it was not really cheap after we check out the petrol rate later.

Another thing is the GPS navigator. It was totally useless throughout the whole trip. It either could not find the popular place of interest, or took a long detour to our destination. At the end, we had to rely on our data plan & Google Map. You can skip the rental of GPS navigator if you are planning to buy a data sim card.

For road trip, it is best to travel light. Your car boot cannot squeeze too many luggage. I sat in the 7-seater SUV with 4 other adults and 2 children. Travelling to and from the airport, we had to push back the last row seats to accommodate the 5 big luggage bags. Imagine packing all 7 of us to the front seats.

Another thing with road trip is the parking rate. Be prepared with high parking rate at city town area. Also be extra careful with the time zone of the particular car park lots. We were fined AUD$120 for parking at a wrong lot – it is a car park lot before 6pm, but after 6pm it is for taxi.

4) Food

Not that fantastic with the food. Be prepared to eat Fish n Chips and other fast food like Red Rooster (too salty), Mcd, KFC & Hungry Jack’s (Australia’s Burger King, why a different name, read here). We usually grabbed some biscuits and chips from the convenience store before we took to the long car trip. Another thing is their breakfast are quite expensive and have few variety as most eateries don’t open so early. I will suggest to buy bread and jam from the nearby supermarkets like Woolworths and Coles. For my experience, we tend to get a better dinner at Northbridge. The place has restaurant with variety of cuisine ranging from Vietnamese, Hong Kong, Chinese, Korean etc. We got to taste Singapore food at PappaRich and fantastic pizzas from Dough Pizza.

I was so sick of all the Western food in Perth that after I returned to Singapore, I stuffed myself with Nasi Lemak, Laksa, Char Kway Teow and other Singapore local food everyday for a week.

5) Shopping

Waterfront outlet store (previously called Harbourtown) has nothing much to shop except the drugstore. Brands like Cotton On, Esprit, Nine West which you can find in Singapore are not much cheaper. Quite a disappointment. You can skip this if you do not have much time.

We went to Carillon City before our flight in late afternoon. Personally I feel nothing much to shop except for the Coles supermarket and drugstore.

6) Clothing

Perth weather during May/June is 12 to 20 degree. Very cool weather which is similar to indoor air-con temperature. However if you are not so cold tolerant, I will recommend to bring a thermal inner wear and lightweight parka. Uniqlo parka is really good. Can be pack into a small pouch. Do bring those zipper woolly hoodie which you can easily removed during the warmer afternoon.

7) Place of Interest

If you want to find the Margaret River Chocolate factory and other food factory, instead of going so far to Margaret River, you can try Swan Valley. Not much difference and can save lots of time. Caversham Wildlife Park is good where you can spend 1 hour plus to see all attractions and another hour to catch their animal shows. Pinnacles is a good place to take photo but looks kind of boring as different spots look similar.

I was sad to miss Lancelin sand dunes, Fremantle Prison and Little Creatures Brewery as we underestimated the time taken for other places of interest. They look so much fun from the Google images. I will advise to allocate more time to each place of interest while planning as time management may be a little difficult when travelling in large group.

8) Souvenir

The best souvenir to buy from Australia is the supplements. You can buy them at a fraction of price. My colleagues bought dozens of cod fish oil from the drugstore in Watertown Outlet. As for me, I bought glucosamine for my parents at Carillon City. A bottle of 180 tablets of 1500mg is only $20 AUD.


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