I Love Carnations!

carnation-mothers-day-altMother’s Day is coming up this Sunday. This post is dedicated to my dearest mum and all the loving mums in the world. Happy Mother’s Day!

1) Carnations by Anima-Bokutenshi – Watercolour painting of bright coloured carnations. Will make a nice Mother’s Day card.

2) By rudfudhappy – It’s in Korean but just can’t resist sharing the beautiful wrapped presents. Black, white and red are sure the classic colour combination.

3) •Carnations of Love• – Sorry for the less saturated colours. The pattern looks even prettier in its true colour.

4) Simply White – A photograph of white carnation in a white clay cup. The carnation looks like a clay art too.

5) By uwillsee87 – Another instagram photo in foreign language but the food art. From the hashtags, they are made of fondant. What a special sugarcraft!

6) Purple Carnations 8″x10″ (Print) from DMoSan – A bit of chinese watercolour style. Wonder is that a ladybird at the corner?

7) Flower Art: Hello Kitty Carnations! – For all Hello Kitty mummy fans and not, this is super cute! Really hope to see a step by step tutorial.

8) Spring’s warm embrace – I love the photo effect!

9) Carnation Blooms by soulus – Love the photo perspective and close up shot. I feel like immersing myself in the field of purple carnations.

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