1. The Friday Rejoicer logo // 2. My own wallpaper design that can be download here // 3. Weekly feature “I Love Series” // 4. That is me! Created via here.

In The Friday Rejoicer (for short “TFR”), you can find ideas, insights and inspiration of all things beautiful. Every week, TFR presents unique photographs, graphics, crafts, products based on a different theme. It features yet lesser-known photographers, artists, crafters and makers that you would have to search long otherwise.

Here is a little background behind TFR. The blog was launched in July 2013 and was called “alittletypical. It is a platform to share my memorable encounters and personal interests like design, diy and photography. After four months of daily posting, alittletypical faced shortage of content. It was so taxing to plan quality post for everyday. However, things turned better for 2014 when I discovered the joy of collecting beautiful things. This slowly developed into a weekly feature called “I Love Series”. Finally, to celebrate the new blog direction, “The Friday Rejoicer” was born in May 2014 to celebrate weekly with pretty finds.

Beside the curating collection, TFR will continue to showcase own designs for download such as wallpapers, printables and DIY. Occasionally, you can read about my life snippets.

Lastly, if you enjoy TFR, please feel free to introduce yourself and drop a comment. If there is anything you want to share on TFR, or simply just want to say hi, please email me at belindq(at)outlook(dot)com. Thanks again for visiting!

With Love,


Pronounce as “Belinda” but spell with a letter “q” instead of letter “a”. I combine my English and Chinese name to create a uniquely “me” word. A little about me. A lover of Korean food, orange fruit, blue colour and Friday. Don’t take beef and coffee. Dislike sweating, horror movies and metal scrapping metal sound. Learn more about me here, 1, 2.

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    1. Motorandages has such a nice web design. I love your header and colour scheme. I will feature it soon on my next post “Ideas to customise your blog”. Stay tuned!


  1. Thanks for #6… now my body is covered in “chicken skin” (what we in Hawaii call “goosebumps”) and my insides are turning. ;-) The other thing I’d add to it… I can’t stand metal utensils against my teeth. Or dry bare feet against cement.


  2. Hi ! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. I just saw in the comments above that you have already been nominated. Sorry I didn’t see that before, but I really enjoy your blog and thought you deserving. Congrats (twice) and I look forward to more of your beautiful posts!


  3. Hello! :) Thank you for dropping by my blog and for the like! You have a mix of great interesting stuff here. And i like your profile avatar.. pretty cool! ;)


  4. I’m so inspired by your super adorable icon that I’m gonna create one for myself too! :)

    P/S Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you enjoyed reading what I’ve got up on there!


    1. Thanks for visiting! Just went to check up your website. Love you blog design. Well pick of background – the sunshine glare at the top really highlights your blog title and tagline!


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