How I Customise My WordPress Blog For Free

Being very fickle-minded, I tend to get bored with the same typical style. My blog design is one one them. I can change the theme almost every month as WordPress has a a ton of theme designs that are so pretty and multi functional with interesting features that I can choose from. Most importantly, they are free!

This page is created to showcase my past blogskins. Click the image for more in-depth design process and guide to achieve the look. More website design inspiration can be found at Webspiration and my Pinboard.

PS: You can try out WordPress theme in Live Preview by going to Appearance> Themes in your dashboard. See the effect before switching. Or set up another duplicate blog in private mode to test out your graphics.

Here is my blogskin timeline in descending order. Click the image to know about the theme change.

9TH BLOGSKIN – 25 APRIL 2015 – Present

The Friday Rejoicer in Pictorico WordPress Theme

Theme: Pictorico

Background: This time none!

9th Blogskin – 15 June 14 – 25 April 2015

Adelle The Friday Rejoicer Celebrate every week with pretty finds

Theme: Adelle

Background: Created from Stripe Generator

8th Blogskin – 13 May 14 – 15 June 14

The Friday Rejoicer Celebrate every week with pretty finds

Theme: Matala

Background: Custom made background with logo incorporated into it.

7th Blogskin – 12 Feb 14 – 12 May 14

sorbet valentine theme alittletypical

drop menuTheme: Sorbet

Background: Valentine wallpaper

6th Blogskin – 8 Jan 14 – 11 Feb

Theme: Untitled

Background: Created from Stripe Generator

5th Blogskin – 4 Nov 13 – 7 Jan 14

Sweet November Blogskin

Theme: Choco

Background: Ribbon Bow

4th Blogskin –  1 Oct – 3 Nov 13


Theme: Pilcrow

Background: Lines

3rd Blogskin – 1 Sep – 30 Sep 13

clean home theme alittletypical

Theme: Clean Home

Background: Warp arrows

2nd Blogskin – 1 Aug – 31 Oct 13


Theme: Publish

Background: Striped

1st Blogskin –  6 Jul – 31 Jul 13

Theme: Confit

Background: Lomo Tree Sonata

I fell in love with the Confit theme at first sight. The semi-transparent sidebar and body allows me to showcase the blog background. The theme is very professional and functional. Recommend for any first time users to get started with this theme.

7 replies to “How I Customise My WordPress Blog For Free

    1. Thanks. I had fun customising my blog and it’s great to know you like it. As for Custom Design, I prefer to challenge myself by picking suitable theme and playing it to the max without spending a penny!



    Wow … I love the way customize your simple wordpress blog. I was searching for background for my lil free blog.

    I got lots of ideas just looking at blog..

    Thanks so much for help

    God Bless you :)


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