I Love Gelateria Italia Forest Berries!

Gelateria Italia - forest berries, mango and blueberries yogurt flavours
Gelateria Italia – forest berries, mango and blueberries yogurt flavours

I bought the Qoo10 Deal: Gelateria Italia deal a month ago. Finally had the chance to use it. 255g Grande Cup at only $3.99 (UP $9.90). Save more than 50%. Especially it was bought under Q0010 Time Sale which further reduced the price from $4.95 to $3.99. Really happy to get such a great deal.

The flavours I picked are:

  1. Forest Berries
  2. Blueberries Yogurt
  3. Mango Yogurt

The above is also my rankings of the flavours.

Forest berries flavour is the best as the its taste is very distinct. You can even taste the puree in the gelato. I picked the two yogurt flavours as I was left with not much choice. Almost half the variety are chocolate and alcoholic flavours. I usually pick the fruity flavours for desserts.

Oh, a note to all the customers, I would advise to choose only 1 flavour/small cup. Many flavours in a cup might confuse your palette – especially when one flavour is so strong that it covers the other blander flavours.

For the buying experience, I was not so satisfied. It was really busy at the store. Only one sales assistant and more than 4 customers were waiting to try out the flavours and ordering takeaway sets. I was really disappointed to not able to try more flavours as the sales assistant was so busy. I felt the variety are quite similar. They are not special enough to stir my interest.

If you are not put off by my overall not so positive review, you can still purchase the 1500cc Gelato Take Away from Gelateria Italia now at $22.80!(Worth $42.80) at Qoo10. Purchase it now at the time sale price at only $19.90.


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