My Mobile Phone Timeline


I have been a Sony Ericsson fan since 2004. It all started when I was against the big trend. During the 90s, Nokia was the giant in the mobile phone industry. My father was a fanboy of durable Nokia phone. His recommendation was met with my disdain. Being rebellious, my heart was turned to its rival, Sony Ericsson, which has almost or already overtaken Nokia when T610 was released. At that time, T610 was the best selling camera phone in global markets and had already won numerous industry and consumer awards. Eventually, I gotten my first phone T610 in 2004. By then, several new phones were released. My passion for the phone also went down as it experienced problems and was sent for repair several time.

Then K800 entered to my sight. Again greatly advertised with “awards-winning” and “best camera phone in the market”, I was instantly bought over even though I had complaint not to get another Sony Ericsson phone. The phone lasted a few years till it blacked screen and I had no choice borrowed a phone from my father in 2010. And it was another Sony Ericsson. A secondhand Walkman phone W910. I did not get a new phone as I was too behind the mobile phone trend.

Initially, I had decided to get an iphone to match my Macbook. At the market was iphone4. I did not purchase it as I planned to wait for the latest iphone5 which was rumored to be coming off soon. However, it was iphone4s that was released in Oct 2011. Imagine how disappointed I was after waiting for more than a year. What’s more, iphone4s looked almost identical to iphone4. Put off by the over marked up price, I made the decision to get an Android phone instead.

I continued to support Sony Ericsson as I was lazy to choose over other brands. I picked Xperia Neo V. It was affordable and was decent enough for a first time smart phone user.

As the technology advances, I have become more greedy and yearned for better functions such as bigger screen, more internal memory storage, ability to multi-screen. Now I am craving for a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or Mega. I hope Sony would come up with another phone that can rival the growing Samsung before I jump the wagon.


What do you think?

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