I Love Panda

I Love Panda TFRToday’s theme is Panda.

Characterised by its large, distinctive black patches around its eyes, over the ears, and across its round body, the cute Panda is China’s national treasure and is usually served as an important part of the diplomacy of China. Singapore received two pandas (Kai Kai and Jia Jia) in 2012. – Wikipedia

1) Panda-kun and his panda obsessions by Mei

Panda-kun and his panda obsessions

2) Ink Wash Panda by Panda And Polar Bear

Ink Wash Panda by Panda And Polar Bear

3) Pandas By ScarletWinter

Pandas By ScarletWinter

4) Maneki “Pantsu” Panda Blue from xiaobaosg

(the product is removed and I can’t seem to find the store too!)

Maneki "Pantsu" Panda Blue from xiaobaosg

5) Panda Rice & Minced Pork Sauce by Cook, cook, little pot!

Panda Rice & Minced Pork Sauce

6) A Boy and his Panda by In-The-Distance

A Boy and his Panda by In-The-Distance

7) Pet of the Week # 2: Panda by Sara

Pet of the Week # 2: Panda by Sara

8) Mama Elephant~December Stampede by Laura Bassen

Mama Elephant~December Stampede by Laura Bassen

9) Panda v.1 crochet amigurumi from Stuffed Goodness by mochillery

(Item sold out!)

Panda v.1 crochet amigurumi from Stuffed Goodness by mochillery



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