TFR’s Malacca Travel Guide – Part 1 Transportation

How to book a coach to Malacca TFRWant to go for a short getaway holiday to Malacca but not sure how to start, look not further, The Friday Rejoicer is going to show you how!

I have just went to Malacca/Melaka a few weeks ago for a short break. Malacca is indeed a beautiful place with lots of things to see, shop and eat. A must go for a quick weekend trip for many Singaporeans.

Part 1: Transportation – How to Book a Coach to Malacca

First, to begin the trip, for those who don’t drive, you can choose to book a coach to Malacca. You can book it via a few websites like and Choose from the wide range of coach companies based on the type, price, timing, departure and destination bus stops. The cost of the coach ticket per trip prices between $16 to $38.

Coach Bus from Singapore to Malacca with All Coach Companies
Online Booking of bus from Singapore to Malacca

The various bus stops for each coach companies were difficult for me to choose. They are all at the well known and expensive hotels of Malacca which I avoided as I allocated less budget on accommodation over food. Therefore I created a map to see every bus stop at a glance. It was certainly easier for me to make my choice to pick one nearer to the hostel I was going to stay. To save your trouble, you can download the map I made and edit in Google Map. By adding your hotel and place of interest, you can evaluate which bus stop suits your trip the best.

Now I’m going to share with you the coach I booked to Malacca.

I took Superior Coach which cost $25 per trip from Lavender MRT station to Equatorial Hotel and vice versa for return trip. I guess not a lot of people book the coach leaving on Friday. That’s why it was not a coach but a mini van. One thing about lesser passengers for the bus trip is that the transition time is shortened. Example toilet breaks, crossing checkpoint and stopover shopping time.


0858 Minivan arrived.

0905 Started the journey.

0945 Reached Singapore Checkpoint

1000 Reached Malaysia

1140 Stopover for 10min toilet break and shopping time

1245 Reached Hatten Hotel

Total Time = 3h 40min

However for the return trip which fell on the Sunday, we finally rode on a coach bus. A usual coach when you go for a school trip. I found the bus smelled a bit and the curtain was too short to cover the window beside me. Overall the trip was noisier than the previous one.


1505 Bus Arrived

1645 Restpoint

1700 Bus left Restpoint

1815 Reached Malaysia Checkpoint

1825 Reached Singapore Tuas Checkpoint

1900 Finally jammed finished, left Tuas Checkpoint

1940 Reached Lavender MRT

Total Time = 3h 35min

Below is a gallery of the start of my journey to Malacca.

End of my journey

I will share more about my Malacca trip at the upcoming post. Stay tuned!

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