I Love Airplanes!

love airplane alittletypical

I want to fly away! Anyway the collage is mostly centralised around paper airplane.

1) GO AIRPLANE Favor Box – Still remember my previous Collage 7: I love Balloons! I featured Storenvy Piggy Bank Parties store’s merchandise, Hot Air BALLOON Favor Box before. They did it again with airplane style. I will be thrilled to receive such a goodie pack for my coming but not-so-near birthday.

2) Paper Airplane Tickets – Usual airplane boarding pass looks boring but this does not. Designed by onebell, the design displayed both the functionality and the innovativeness. You will want to keep this pretty boarding pass instead of throwing away like you always do.

3) Paper Planes and Cloudy Skies – Digital Paper / Pattern Download – Want to giftwrap your present with a flying theme, this is the pattern you need. Kind of dreamy and dainty with the paper plane dangling around the clouds

4) Flashback: A beautiful day to jump out of a plane – Just as the post title suggests, it is about somewherelovelyblog’s first flying experience. How daring! I should add this to my bucket list too. Read on to know her flying trial.

5) Paperman Plane Necklace – Inspired by Disney’s short film Paperman, Storenvy store owner Simply Artrageous has made a polymer clay necklace of paper plane. This necklace will certainly add a charm to your daily outfit.

6) Day 126: Paper Airplane Owl – Stare into this cute big-eyed owl paper plane by Tanya. First attracted to the paper plane by its cartoonish big eyes. Love the strokes and pattern in the illustration.

This time round, I have added more of my point of view for this week collage. Hope you all can like my collage series more. Will certainly write more when sharing all these wonderful posts and merchandise.

Please throw in suggestions what you want to see in the future collage series.

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