10 things that made me happy this week of 2014


It’s been a while that I write “10 things that made me happy this week”. Should I say I don’t feel happy easily or I don’t notice happiness when it happens.

This past week made me kind of hyper and elated. And here is the list before I forgot. No particular order.

  1. Met up my best friend whom I have not met for a month. Spent a chatty evening with her and made a fruity shopping haul together.
  2. Bought a new jeans that fit me well and did not cause a bomb.
  3. I finally own my dream phone. For 3 months, I was easily irritated with the slow T9 typing method on an old-fashioned Nokia brick phone. It really need some courage to use the Nokia phone in public among the iphones and Samsung phones.
  4. I made a good deal by getting the new phone with lots of freebies and discounts.
  5. Managed to stay contact with my ex-colleagues before my bad habit of drifting away kick in. I tend to lose acquaintance who no longer in my close proximity. I must admit apps and website like Sms, Whatsapp and Facebook, which I seldom used in the past, helps me maintaining the relationship.
  6. Took a free and easy trip to my birthplace Johor Bahru. A place where I never grown up in. Most of the time, I visit JB only during festive seasons for relatives’ gathering and really appreciate the chance to tour the place with friends.
  7. I just started to use quilted blanket. It is really soft and smooth compared to my previous terry cloth blanket.
  8. Thanks to the nice people around me, I got the chance to enjoy a fine dining of Thai cuisine.
  9. Feel very happy to be able to give my parents pocket money with my first official pay.
  10. Sale increases for my Avecre store, internationally and locally.

Cross my finger for more happy things to come!

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