Diy dreamcatcher with recycled materials

dreamcatcher-alt2This is the first tutorial I made.

Feeling very hyper now even after the photo-taking, craft-making and photoshopping.

To make the post even more meaningful, I have made an animated image of my swinging dreamcatcher by videotaped on phone then edited in photoshop. If anyone interested, I may do a tutorial on that too.

Diy dreamcatcher with recycled materials
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It’s all started with my old bangle. After it lost its shine, I just found it irritating to see it staying in my accessory box. Then the idea sparked to diy it into something pretty. As I have the habit to hoard bits and pieces, I can use them for this project.

My old shorts drawstring cord, toilet rolls and an old yarn I bought from Daiso. Together with my colour pencils, drawing pens and marker, the small project began.

First wind the drawstring cord around the bangle. Tie a knot after coiling end to end. Knot the yarn at the top and continue looping it around. Take note to loop over every loop. After some looping, you will see a beautiful pattern. Finish it with a knot at the centre.

As I didn’t have any matching beads and feathers, I drew some feathers on the toilet rolls. Be creative. You can draw anything that is suitable for hanging on the dreamcatcher.

Use a needle to pierce through the top of the “feathers”. Thread the remaining yarns to the feathers. Finally knot the hanging feathers to the dreamcatcher and you are done!

Voila, your own diy dreamcatcher is done!

PS: If you can’t find the materials, just look around your house. A wire hanger can be bent to make the circle loom. Any extra ribbons, old stripped tees can be use to wind around the loom. Decorate with beads and buttons that are leftover from old clothes. WIthout them, you can use different weights of papers to make the starting materials like paper beads and paper twine.

PPS: I’m so happy. Recycleart has featured my post at


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