I Love Halloween – More Kawaii!

Less than a week, Halloween is coming soon! Continue from previous roundup, get inspired by more kawaii Halloween inspirations! Uber cuteness!

Left to right and top to bottom.

  2. Origami Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin
  3. DIY Eyeball Mini Cakes for Halloween
  4. Gruesome Goodies: Halloween Bentos to Make for your Little Bats and Ghouls
  5. Handprint Ghost Cards
  6. Halloween iPhone Wallpaper
  7. PTI~Countdown Day 2
  8. 16 | pre-halloween

I Love Halloween – Only the Kawaii Ones!

Firstly, I don’t celebrate Halloween. Too spooky for my liking. To me, it is a little similar to the the Hungry Ghost Festival a Chinese festival which occurs every Lunar Calendar 7th month. Anyway, this post is all about Halloween but only the kawaii or the cute ones. Too irresistible for scary cat like me. Click on to find out the links to all these kawaii Halloween inspiration.

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I Love Seashells! Part II

I Love Seashell II TFR. Pattern, DIY & Origami

Continue from previous I Love Seashell post, there are more seashell art that I like.

  1. Seashell by domskhel
  2. Seashell By LeneK
  3. Seashell decorative glass bottle from Tara White Studio
  4. Origami Sea Shell by icantwrite
  5. Sea Cluster By M00nSlippers
  6. Beach Pattern By eppiepeppercorn

Thinking of seashell, I will recall a funny memory of Singapore’s local comedy show featuring this famous seashell tongue twister.

She sells sea shells by the seashore.
The shells she sells are surely seashells.
So if she sells shells on the seashore,
I’m sure she sells seashore shells.

I always get tongue tied after reaching the third line. All the ‘sh’ and ‘s’ will be missing from the quick twisting. In Jack Neo’s comedy show, a comedian nicknamed Alamak pronounced the tongue twister as

She sell sea sha by sea saw.
The sha she sell are sea saw sha.
So she sell sea shell by sea saw.
She sha sea saw sha.

Last sentence is a chinese dialect word which means mad. All the audience broke into laughter. This scene still imprinted in my mind and I can’t stop laughing about Alamak’s broken english and his facial expression.

TFR’s Malacca Travel Guide – Part 3 Food

Malacca Food by The Friday RejoicerA trip without tasting the local food is like missing the whole point of travel. Therefore, during my three days in Malacca, my friend and I tried to eat all the signature cuisine of Malacca by splurging on one good meal each day and snacking on street food for the remaining meals. Anyway, keep a tissue paper to wipe your saliva while browsing the yum yum food photo inside.

Beware the extensive photos inside!

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I Love Seashells!

I Love Seashells TFR. Collage of watercolour, graphic, diy and craftsI am not a “beach” person. I seldom go to beach to listen to sea wave or play with the sands. Beach resort is never on my travel list. However this does not stop me from liking seashells which are scattered along the beaches.

Seashells are pretty especially the swirling one which makes an interesting pattern. You can find lots of seashell arts, crafts and DIY online. I have picked some I found them unique and beautiful.

  1. Seashells watercolor painting by Nimily
  2. Beach Scenes by nallynjarzombek. Etsy link.
  3. Instagram by Turkistany
  4. Succulent Seashells – Beautiful Garden D.I.Y. by Laura Lavender Calligraphy & Illustration
  5. Seashell Fractal by Pheelip2010
  6. Summertime Tree and Ornaments by SensationallySeasonal