My Dream Stationery List

My Dream Stationery |The Friday RejoicerHave you heard of National Stationery week?

National Stationery Week celebrates the written word and all things stationery – the wonderful products which make it all possible, and give so much pleasure to so many people.

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When I was still a student, I always wanted to collect many fanciful pens and pencils. It would be such a joy to write with them. However, as always, my “frugalness” and “practicality” kicked in. More often I just used the pens bought in bulk and other free ruler, pencils or highlighters gotten from school events. Anyway, below is my dream list. See if you share anything similar with me!

1) Multi-coloured Ballpoint Pen from Muji

I can’t resist rainbow colour pen. The design looks so clean with the transparent casing. However I remembered the price was around SGD$10+ which I could not persuade myself to buy it.

2) Pilot Super Grip Fine

I grow to love this retractable ball point pen with smooth oil based ink after I borrowed from my friend during class. I love its ultra fine writing, capless design, smudge-free ink and affordable price. A trusted writing instrument for students.

3) Foldable ruler

Usual 15-cm ruler is too short. Try this foldable 30-cm ruler. I like that it has both opaque and transparent side for different uses. Would be better if it also offers inch measurement at the other side.

4) Kokuyo Beetle Tip 3-way Highlighter Pen

This highlighter is so cool! It has specially added a fine tip so that you can draw fine lines and double lines. I used to underline passage with the tip of a normal highlighter. However, the tip will become blunt after use.

5) Faber Castell Watercolour pencils

I always love the watercolour art from Zakiya. Her blog Inkstruck Studio showcases many beautiful and delicate floral print tutorials which I will love to try but with my clumsy hands, it would be difficult to do so without overshot the pencil sketch. With watercolour pencil, I have more control with the fine tip and it will be easier to colour over the pattern without smudging.

6) Tombow Brush Pen

Now brush calligraphy is in trend, a brush pen is a essential in my dream stationery list. When I was in high school, it was still more common for painting than calligraphy. I still remembered the first brush pen I tried was in NBC Stationery Shop at Bugis Junction. It was kind of difficult to write as I tend to exert too much force. Purchase was a no-no to me as it was expensive for me at that time. Perhaps I can now consider getting this brush pen to try out various tutorials.

7) Cute sticker tabs

They are so kawaii! Unlike the conventional transparent sticker tabs, these doggy style stickers are so eye-catching! Will sure make it easier to find the chapters from a thick file.

8) Moleskine notebook

What’s so good about Moleskine notebook? Almost every artist I see is using it. From the reviews, I know it can open flat, has a durable leather-like cover and comes with various design. Adding it to my dream stationery list!

9) Cute mechanical pencil

I love the polka dot pattern and the metal material of these mechanical pencils. I used to own a few of similar ones as my bestie said, “Japan mechanical pencils are good as they are made of metal and will feel a bit heavy.” Again, I must repeat I’m a clumsy person. Every mechanical pencil I use regardless is it cheap or expensive, lousy or good quality, it will be rendered useless after 3 months. My bad habit to spin pen has caused it to fall several times. Then the lead will start to struck inside and when I tried to repair, the fine spare parts will be accidentally fallen and cannot be found. That’s why after ruining a few cute and costly mechanical pencils, I have given up and just used the plain ones.


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