Handmade Gift Ideas for Your Mum

Handmade Gift Ideas for Your MumNothing beats handmade gift for Mum with all the love you inject!

1) DIY a scrub with scent your mum like

See tutorial here, here & here.

2) Cook her a meal

Which one she likes, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Western, Mexican or etc?

Or if you are not good in cooking, a simple breakfast with ham & omelette, sandwich, pancake, chicken porridge?

3) Upcycle a shopping tote

Instead of using plastic bags, go green with your sewed shopping tote make with scraped fabric. Embroider with your mum’s monogram. Screenprint some pretty florals. Tie-dye. “Chanel-ise” it. Decorate it. Paint it.

4) Surprise her with paper floral bouquet

5) Write her a sweet note

Take out your leftover scrapbooking materials. Whip out a cute card with your sincere message.

6) Adorn her with handmade accessory – necklace, earrings, bracelets or hair clips

Try paper beads, air-dry clay! What about metalsmith jewelry? Idea 1, 2. 3. 4.

7) DIY phone casing with family photo

Do collage using family instagram. Try matching with her phone wallpaper.

8) Offer to do manicure for her

Use the same design manicure. It will be so cool to go shopping with your mum with matching manicure.

9) Bake her a cup

Personalise it with a message, decorate with her monogram, draw something she likes.

Lastly, wish all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day.


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