Best Gift Guide For Her!

The Friday Rejoicer's Gift GuideNot sure what to buy for your BFF during this festive season? Here’s my version of gift guide and also my open wishlist. A very safe list that most girls should like. My favourite things to get in Singapore within SGD$50.

  1. Shawl. Suitable for this cooling season. Great to layer over their outfit. Best of all it makes the wearer warm at heart. Uniqlo Cashmere Scarf (Check)
  2. Hand cream. Keep her hand moist and fragrant. Great to choose a hand cream with the fragrance she and you will like. Take hint from her perfume taste. Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Therapy via Qoo10.
  3. Photo book. A very touching present. All the memories of your friendship are refreshed every time when you browse through the photo book. Groupon deals 1, 2.
  4. Pendant necklace. Can’t go wrong with necklace. Buy something simple and classy. No skull/cross/cartoon character. Find something that is versatile and can be easily match with any outfit. RIVER ISLAND Delicate Single Pearl Long Necklace via Zalora.
  5. Bag. Can be wallet, cosmetic pouch, small purse, cardholder or sling satchel. Or go tech-related like notebook bag or phone pouch.No woman have enough bags in their wardrobe. MANGO Zip Saffiano-Effect Wallet via Zalora.
  6. Potted plant. A DIY planting pot which does not require utmost care. You can choose a lavender plant for nice scent. Or a cherry tomato plant for the harvest. Urban farming pot via Qoo10.
  7. Cushion. Adorable soft toy that can be used as a cushion. Best to get something with microwave/heatable feature. Or cushion filling with special function like lavender or wheat. Cute blanket cushion via Qoo10.
  8. Personalised gift. A gift that is specially for her. Most jewellery shops offer engravement service on pendant. Some flea market booth sell leather products like notebook key pouch with name carving service. You can even spell out her name using bead keychain. Personalization via Qoo10.
  9. Spa massage package. Pamper your friend with a rejuvenated spa. Best to choose a salon with many branches that your friend can visit conveniently. Groupon deals 1, 2, 3.

Not sure how others feel, I always feel drained just to brainstorm what gifts to purchase for my friends. Hope this list can help those who face the same dilemma as me.


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