Another 10 Random Facts About Me


  1. I don’t drink. Coffee, tea or alcohols.
  2. I prefer cold than hot desserts. Favourites are ice-creams, yogurt, gelato and jelly.
  3. Out of all the flavours, I prefer fruity than chocolate, caramel, cream and nuts.
  4. Love sour fruits, snacks and tidbits. Sour orange and prunes, lime juice, forest berries gelato and sour plum are my favourites.
  5. Love to wasabi flavoured food. Wasabi mayo prawn. Wasabi flavoured chips. Or just plain wasabi added to noodle like chili sauce.
  6. Tend to get motion sickness easily. Can’t take long hours of car and bus trip. Get dizzy in ferry and boat on sea.
  7. I’m a morning person. Sleep early at night and wake early in the morning.
  8. Hate massage. Feel uncomfortable staying fix at one place for long hours. Kind of ticklish and dislike staying close to a stranger. Instead of relaxation, I feel cramp and grumpy.
  9. Scared of driving. Always dream of being the driver of a car accident. Never going to learn driving.
  10. Love shoe shopping.

So in conclusion, I am picky with food, have common habit and preference and weird phobia.


3 replies to “Another 10 Random Facts About Me

  1. I am a morning person too! It’s very difficult to find morning person because most people are enjoying the night life. Once, people see me as weird person because I sleep before 10pm.


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