Ideas to customise your blog background (Part 2)


Inspirations for customising your blog (especially WordPress one!).

Why use boring plain white when you can set the background to show your blog style.

Continue to read about the 4 different type of blog background inspirations I found via WordPress.

1) Use blurred photos


Are you an amateur photographer? Do you own only a dummy-proof digital camera? Love instagraming?

Try a blurred background. You do not need to be a professional photographer to get an abstract blurred photograph. Just use your ‘faulty’ photograph that you didn’t focus properly. The vague background will not distract your readers. Add a softness to your blog.

Do take note of the photograph’s colours to get great result. Take inspiration from Liucija Textile which uses pink/purple for the header to match the background colours.

2) Stripes!

5d372a8886dfaa90a304fadbbbba0c9a Play with different kind of stripes. It can be diagonal, horizontal, vertical and criss-cross. One good thing with striped background is that it loads fast if you use seamless pattern. You can easily play with colours. Just pick any colours and marquee-fill rectangles on online image editor, and you can an effect similar to The Editing Process. Vibrant colours are so pleasing to the eyes.

3) Watercolour

fa959f186aa59594351d05731a7e3f83 Go artistic. Paint, spray, drip, drag or use any other watercolour technique on a paper. Then scan, reduce resolution and you can upload to your media library. Great for DIY, crafty, illustration and design blogs. Show your creative side. The watercolour background will certainly be one-of-a-kind. Rachel Bennett did a good job with a gradient background with 2 accent colours. [Updated 1 May 2015 – Rachel’s has revamped her website so design is no longer the same as the above screenshot.]

4) Typography

38c6295df6f548eb08f9ac096ec6e0f5Get freestyle with words. It can be a blog tagline, adjectives to describe your blog, your category titles, favourite book series, song lyrics or quotes you believe. Transform it in different fonts, colours, sizes and shapes. You can even do a typography background on MS Word and save as image. You can see that is all about illustration, photography, sewing, food and art.

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