I Love Loungewear!

I Love Loungewear! The Friday Rejoicer's WishlistI am going to revamp my loungewear wardrobe so going to use my weekly “I Love Series” post to do some research. My home wear consists of free tees I received from various events, stained clothes that I retired from my “going-out” wardrobe and my siblings’ outdated fast fashion clothes.

From Google.com. loungewear’s definition is

Casual, comfortable clothing suitable for wearing at home.

However, now I’m going to redefine my loungewear meaning. It should be something that I don’t feel weird to wear to buy grocery at nearby supermarket, go gym or say hello to my neighbours.

So basically my new loungewear needs to be reasonably stylish yet comfortable.

Below is my wishlist.

  1. Jacket that keep me cosy but not warm.
  2. One-piece flare dress. (Link down)
  3. Roomy pants with cute prints.
  4. Be free with this bra top.
  5. Go striped.
  6. Tee in bright colour.
  7. Not too plain. I love big single graphic tee.
  8. Skort – in between skirt and shorts. No embarrassed moment when sitting cross legged.
  9. Lazy to match top and bottom, choose a ready-matched set.

My no-nos

  1. No jumpsuit. Troublesome to take off.
  2. No collar tops. Make me feel stuffy.
  3. No tight-fitted clothes. Must be in knit or stretchy material. Comfort is the key.
  4. No buttons, zipper, studs and other misc. Uncomfortable to lie on bed with decorations on clothes.
  5. No delicate clothing. Must be something that can be throw into washing machine, able to withstand rough handling and not wrinkle easily.

To my readers, I wonder what are your ideas of loungewear. Do drop a message on your favourite home wear and where you usually shop them?


One reply to “I Love Loungewear!

  1. I am always so confused as to the purpose of lounge wear that has bedazzling on it or studs and stuff. Why!? That makes is uncomfortable. I love loungewear and it really is something I’ve started to collect lately. I come home, off go the work clothes and bring on the lounge-y-ness!

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