Taiwan Day 1: Ningxia Night Market & Checkin Flip Flop Hostel

On 27 Oct, I took Tigerair afternoon flight to Taiwan. Feeling very excited as this was my first solo trip and also my first time to Taiwan. After reading so many reviews and itineraries and watching many travel variety shows on Taiwan, I felt that Taiwan was very familiar.

Anyway, afternoon flight was not very crowded. Very fast to checkin and many seats still available on plane. You can use the three seaters as bed. So although some might think the afternoon timing was not good, I think it was ok as I don’t need to wake up early to go airport, shorter queue and able to freely sit around the plane.

Reached Taoyuan Airport at evening. Did not manage to take any photo as I was tired from the 4-hour flight. I just followed the crowded to the bus terminal and bought 2-way tickets to Taipei Main Station. Before boarding the bus, I went to their convenience store to bought some sushi for dinner.

The Friday Rejoicer Taiwan Trip Day 1
Airport to Taipei Main Station bus and luggage ticket. Bought some sushi at Hi-Life convenience store before boarding the bus.

My sense of direction was not very good. Even though I followed the hostel map instruction and youtube video, I still lost my way. Taipei Main Station and underground tunnels were like a maze. So many signboards which all pointed to the same direction. Luckily I finally followed the correct signboard to go to Q Square and Huayin Street which was around the hostel’s proximity.

My first two nights stay was at Flip Flop Hostel. Here’s the hostel exterior in daytime.

The Friday Rejoicer's Flip Flop Hostel Stay
Flip Flop Hostel exterior

Interior is very homely and artistic style. Compared to my previous hostel staying in Malacca, this experience was totally different. The common area looks good.

Let’s check up my room. I booked a single bed private room which cost NT900 per night. No surcharge for weekends. Good Wifi connection in the room. There is a specific wifi network for each level. Just one thing bad about this – the room was at Level 5. A bit of a hassle to climb up and down everyday.

Bathrooms are quite clean and modern. Photos were taken in the morning but even at night the bathrooms were still at good condition.

Other photos.

Overall, Flip Flop Hostel is value for money and is very convenient place to stay. This hostel was my first accommodation I picked after I confirmed my air ticket. After comparing with other hostels, I found that it offers one of the cheapest price for single room. Moreover, good ratings in HostelWorld.com and Tripadvisor. Also, I like their creative and informative website.

Now move on to Ningxia Night Market.

After checkin to hostel, I was tired from the flight and the luggage unpacking. However, I still decided to explore Ningxia Night Market which I already planned as not to waste my first day in Taiwan.

It should be a 20 minute walk from the hostel. But I lost my way again and took me another extra 10m minute. Lucky there were helpful stranger to guide me to the destination.

Anyway, too cold and tired so only managed to take these few photos below. Overall Ningxia Night Market made me thought of Malacca’s Jonker Street. 2 rows of stores and one walkway. However, the stores were mostly food stores with a handful of street play booths. Not much to shop except some snacking. Therefore also not the most memorable night market throughout my Taiwan trip.

Read my Taiwan Day 2: Taipei 101, Wufenpu & Raohe Night Market adventure here.


5 replies to “Taiwan Day 1: Ningxia Night Market & Checkin Flip Flop Hostel

  1. hi, the ticket u bought to go taipei main station is 2 way right?
    Is there any other bus u can take beside kuo kuang?


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