9 Must Have Boots!

I am so happy to own a boots right now. Weird to have this statement? I don’t wear boots as it is really hot to wear one in Singapore where the climate is usually very hot. However, as the year going to cooler season, I can wear my boots to work and during weekends without looking like a fashion disaster.

Managed to get a good deals during my Taiwan trip. So right now want to share with the readers other favourite boots I am looking forward to own.

  1. Comfortable high heel. This pair of wedge ankle boots can be worn on casual or formal occasion. link
  2. Edgy. A good pair of edgy boots that can be easily worn for most occasion. link
  3. Eye catchy. This elastic Chelsea boots with an unique snakeskin sure looks exotic. link
  4. Cutout. In trend right now. link
  5. Strapped. This sure resembles my boots a lot except it is more elevated and mine is in tan. Most importantly mine only cost a fifth of this. Yeah! link
  6. Zipper. Can’t imagine how to squeeze my feet into the boots without a zip. link
  7. Waterproof. Great for rainy season – a pair of Wellington boots. Like the hint of coral at the shoe sole. link
  8. Floral. Another must have, a floral Dr Martens Boots. link
  9. Furry. So that I can wear when I am travelling to cold country which only happens once a year. link

What do you think?

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