I Love Backpack!


I’m looking for backpack. My previous backpack I bought from Qoo1o has spoilt. It cost $20+ but last me for more than 1 year. Especially when I like to put heavy things like shopping stuff and water bottle in it. This have caused some tear at the strap area but it was actually the side zipper that spoilt first.

Anyway, I want to buy something similar to replace it. Above gallery is my lust list I found via ASOS. They are over my budget but they are so pleasing to my eyes. Feast on them till I find my “the one”.

  1. Chloe Stanyon Roll Top Leather Backpack in Tan. Link
  2. ASOS Foldover Backpack with Oversized Dog Clip. Link
  3. Fjallraven Greenland Backpack in Autumn Leaf. Link
  4. Oasis Saskia Backpack. Link
  5. New Look Box Zip Front Metal Trim Backpack. Link
  6. Grafea Exclusive Leather Backpack in Peach with White Contrast Strap. Link
  7. Mi-Pac Backpack in Faux Python. Link
  8. Cath Kidston Matt Coated Backpack. Link
  9. Fiorelli Lexi Backpack. Link

What do you think?

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