I Love Taiwan!

I just returned from Taiwan less than a week and I already started missing Taiwan.

Reached Taiwan on 27th Oct and returned on 3 Nov. All by myself at the friendly and easy to access Taiwan. Although I only experienced a small portion of Taiwan’s beauty in my 8 days trip, I believed I have made it worthwhile as seen from the photo gallery shown above.

  1. I admired the beautiful sunset at Jiufen. Climbed up the stairs to view the Jiufen town at bird eye view. Not forget to say, it is where my favourite movie Spirited Away is inspired of.
  2. Taipei 101, the once tallest building in the world. The bird eye view was not bad but I just like the collage artsy style of this lightboard. Made me think of Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting.
  3. You can’t miss Taiwan natural scenery. This is taken from Wulai, an hour plus journey from Taipei main station.
  4. The cute Volksawagon van was operated by a family of three selling snacks at Tamsui.
  5. The famous braised pork rice from Formosa Chang is a must try recommended dish in Taiwan. It was very fragrant and tasted yummy. Too bad the bowl was too small – around the length of my Samsung Note 3 and a depth as long as my pinky finger.
  6. Don’t forget to ride the super cheap and convenient uBike in Taipei. It can be found at almost everywhere with the rental fee as low as NT$10 or USD$0.33 or SGD$0.44. I rode the bike around the enormous Huabo Park near Yuanshan Metro Station.
  7. The ceiling decoration is really cool at Chiang Kai‑shek Memorial Hall. Must catch their guard change parade at every hour on the dot.
  8. Although it is a tourist trap, the wishing bamboo were hung all over the place at Jingtong, the last station of Pingxi line.
  9. This was my first time experiencing a mine train ride. Riding out of the tunnel at Houtong was really interesting.

Still in the midst of picking photos and drafting my itinerary for my upcoming Taiwan trip post. Stay tuned!

[Updated on 1 Dec 201 – Read about my Taiwan 8D7N Solo Trip Itinerary & Expense Breakdown, here.]

Can’t wait to plan another trip next year!


5 replies to “I Love Taiwan!

  1. Wow, glad you toured Taipei solo and had a blast!

    Fun overview to read – any chance of more individual posts on your trip?

    Well done on your lovely blog, Belindq! :)


  2. WOW Taiwan is always so much fun, I’m sure you’ll come home with a full (happy) stomach! I’m a massive fan of the peanut smoothies at a bubble tea place near Sogo on Zhongxiao Road – nom! Have a blast and I can’t wait to check out your travel journal x


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