I Love Halloween – Only the Kawaii Ones!

Firstly, I don’t celebrate Halloween. Too spooky for my liking. To me, it is a little similar to the the Hungry Ghost Festival a Chinese festival which occurs every Lunar Calendar 7th month. Anyway, this post is all about Halloween but only the kawaii or the cute ones. Too irresistible for scary cat like me. Click on to find out the links to all these kawaii Halloween inspiration.

From left to right and top to bottom,

  1. Cute Halloween Pencil Toppers by Kim. Link
  2. The Family Ghost by Pauline Jones. Pattern Template By: hiver. Link
  3. A kawaii halloween cupcake decorations by Nicx. Link
  4. TPS Halloween meowchi by MoogleGurl. Link
  5. Happy Haunting Lawn Fawn Halloween Card by Beth. Link
  6. Toilet Roll Bat Buddy DIY Craft by Michelle. Link
  7. MFT Creative Challenge: Halloween Happenings by Teri. Link
  8. Halloween Cat Magnets by TrollGirl. Link
  9. Halloween Bat Balloons by Haeley. Link

Today this post I tried WordPress Gallery + Collage, a trick I learnt from Roselinde’s August/September 2014 post. Most of the Halloween crafts are found via Craftgawker, a great place to discover pretty crafts.



10 replies to “I Love Halloween – Only the Kawaii Ones!

  1. I like your Halloween style. I love celebrating Halloween and dressing up, but the spooky stuff has always put me off too. I like Halloween things that are beautiful and Victorian (the closest I will get to scary), cute, or just plain funny.


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