TFR’s Malacca Travel Guide – Part 3 Food

Malacca Food by The Friday RejoicerA trip without tasting the local food is like missing the whole point of travel. Therefore, during my three days in Malacca, my friend and I tried to eat all the signature cuisine of Malacca by splurging on one good meal each day and snacking on street food for the remaining meals. Anyway, keep a tissue paper to wipe your saliva while browsing the yum yum food photo inside.

Beware the extensive photos inside!

1) Teo Soon Loong Chan

My colleague who just went to this restaurant had advised me to book 1 week in advance or else you could not even get a seat in the peak timing. However, I was lucky. I visited during the off peak period at 2pm when I first arrived in Malacca. No booking needed as only 2 tables of customers.

Teo Soon Loong Chan @ Jonker Street by The Friday Rejoicer

Teo Soon Loong Chan. Photo by The Friday RejoicerTeo Soon Loong Chan Menu by The Friday Rejoicer

The place has usual “Zhi Char” dishes. For those not familar with this word, “Zhi Char” means

An all-rounder Chinese food stall serving a wide variety of a la carte dishes usually with white steamed rice and soups. A dialect pronunciation of Mandarin, 煮炒 (pinyin: zhu2 chao3) which literally means ‘cook & fry’, in reference to the de rigueur use of frying (almost always with woks) in preparing most dishes. – Taken from

Hunger makes every food taste good. We were so famished that we wolfed down the Char Kway Tiao. Managed to take a photo before we started eating. A bit oily but still tasted very good.

Teo Soon Loong Chan's Char Kway Tiao TFR

However, I didn’t manage to take the full bird eye view of all dishes as the Char Kway Tiao was almost finished therefore, you can only see the Char Kway Tiao dish cropped in the below photo.

Sambal Kang Kong and Spring Roll were equally good. Both were very savory which also means a bit salty. Then their signature yam paste dessert. I heard a lot good reviews on this, but too bad is not my cup of tea. Felt the pumpkin?? sweet potato?? taste too strong.

Overall spent RM39.30 for 4 dishes. Less than SGD$10 per pax. Do take note Malaysian Zhi Char/restaurants charge additional cost for their appetizer dish and wet tissue.

Teo Soon Loong Chan's Sambal Kang Kong, Spring Roll & Char Kway Tiao by The Friday Rejoicer

Teo Soon Loong Chan's Yam Paste by The Friday Rejoicer

Teo Soon Loong's Receipt by The Friday Rejoicer

2) Chop Chung Wah Chicken Rice

Another famous must eat dish in Malacca – the chicken rice ball. To avoid the crowd, we went to eat chicken rice for breakfast. Haha, what an oily start for a day. Even eating as breakfast also needs to queue for 15 minutes. See the below for the queue and the fully seated tables. While waiting, I read their rules and regulations for eating in Chop Chung Wah. No shifting of tables and chairs, no outside food, and etc. Just wait and be patient.

Chop Chung Wah Chicken Rice Ball. Photo by The Friday Rejoicer.

So-so chicken. Photo by The Friday Rejoicer.

Overall, I felt that their chicken rice was overpraised. Maybe because I expected too much from it since so many good reviews saw online. Their chicken was not well cooked enough. The meat was difficult to chew and can still see some blood in the bones. In order to keep the rice in ballish shape, it was made too sticky for my liking. Rice should be non-sticky or in Chinese “粒粒分明”. Total spent MYR13 for half a chicken and 2 plates of chicken rice ball.

Chop Chung Wah Chicken Rice Set for 2. Photo by The Friday Rejoicer.

3) Restoran Nyonya Makko

This was my favourite dining place in Malacca. They serve the best Nyonya aka Peranankan food. Until now when I think of this place, I will still remember the tasty dishes. So wanna go back again.

We randomly picked Makko among the 3-4 Nyonya restaurants which are all closely situated in the whole stretch of shophouses. Attracted by their red and wooden exterior which eludes an air of mysterious with the closed stained glass door. Quite full when we reached before 12noon.

We ordered Pucuk Paku Belacan upon their waitress’ recommendation. She said this was a seasonal dish and we were lucky to have it that day. I noticed most tables around us ordered this dish which I thought it was Kang Kong initially. However, after tasting it, it was much better than I thought. Even better than my favourite veggie dish, kang kong. It did not have a strong veggie taste. Very munchy with a lot of bite. Salty and spicy yet not too salty and spicy.

Otak-otak was good. A bit spicy but very matching with plain rice. In chinese, “好下饭”! The Lemak Nanas Udang is even better. I can just finish a bowl of plain rice with just the sauce itself. A little sweet and sour with the pineapples. Coupled with the fragrant spices, I can only say “Sedap” which mean delicious in Malay.

Overall, very very satisfied with this meal. Only thing was a bit heart pain for my wallet. As the seafood dish prices were not stated in the menu, we did not know the price of Lemak Nanas Udang recommended by the waitress was so expensive. RM$28 which was almost half of the whole bill. Next time, I must remember to remind myself to check the price before ordering.

Pucuk Paku Belacan. Photo by The Friday Rejoicer.

Otak-otak. Photo by The Friday Rejoicer.

Lemak Nanas Udang. Photo by The Friday Rejoicer.

Restoran Nyonya Makko. Photo by The Friday Rejoicer.

4) Restoran Nyonya Nancy’s Kitchen

Another Nyonya restaurant which is also highly raved. Too bad I already had the Nyonya food at Makko so not planning to overshoot my budget by eating full meal for another Nyonya restaurant. However, Nancy’s Kitchen offers ala carte or little snacks for takeaway. Therefore, I tried out their popiah. Freshly made at their store front. Includes a slideshow gallery of making of popiah below.

The popiah’s skin was very thin. Well wrapped with fillings like lettuce, beansprout, shrimp, sweet sauce and chili. Cost MYR$3 per piece.

Restoran Nyonya Nancy's Kitchen. Photo by The Friday Rejoicer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Nancy's Kitchen Popiah. Photo by The Friday Rejoicer. —

Other food I tried which I think was so-so.

  1. Char Kway Tiao in Jonker Street.
  2. Unexpected sushi pushcart store at Jonker Street. The chefs even dressed in white uniforms.
  3. Ayam Laksa at Jonker Street.
  4. Wanton noodle at shophouse along Jonker Street
  5. Chendol at shophouse behind Jonker Street
  6. Dim Sum along shophouses near Equatorial Hotel and Restoran Nyonya Makko

Another must try food is Satay Celup which I did not manage to eat.

That’s all for Malacca food I tried. Visit my Malacca Travel Guide Part 1 and Part 2 on Transportation and Accommodation below.

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