I Love Seashells!

I Love Seashells TFR. Collage of watercolour, graphic, diy and craftsI am not a “beach” person. I seldom go to beach to listen to sea wave or play with the sands. Beach resort is never on my travel list. However this does not stop me from liking seashells which are scattered along the beaches.

Seashells are pretty especially the swirling one which makes an interesting pattern. You can find lots of seashell arts, crafts and DIY online. I have picked some I found them unique and beautiful.

  1. Seashells watercolor painting by Nimily
  2. Beach Scenes by nallynjarzombek. Etsy link.
  3. Instagram by Turkistany
  4. Succulent Seashells – Beautiful Garden D.I.Y. by Laura Lavender Calligraphy & Illustration
  5. Seashell Fractal by Pheelip2010
  6. Summertime Tree and Ornaments by SensationallySeasonal (Link down)

2 replies to “I Love Seashells!

  1. unfortunately the next beach is a long hour ride away from my home so i don’t have the opportunity to go to the beach to often but still, i love listening to the ocean. and i love seashells, too. except for food ;)


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