Start an Alkaline Lifestyle with StarWater Ionizer

StarWater Star5 Water Ionizer TFR

My wish comes true!

I am now the owner of the modern and sleek StarWater Star5 Water Ionizer. Woohoo!

Out of all the well written bloggers‘ entries, I managed to win the StarWater blogging contest with my post, Learn to Cook Healthy Dishes with Anna Phua. I feel so lucky and delighted! Thank you StarWater and for picking me.

I was grinning from ear to ear upon receiving the news. Previously, I was fervently hoping to win the Star5 so to reap the many benefits of alkaline water after blogging about it.

I immediately confirmed the timing to go down to StarWater HQ for phototaking session and prize collection briefing. Take a look below for StarWater’s office and showroom which are so well furnished. See the awards they have won. I managed to meet David, the StarWater Representative that had presented to us in Anna’s Healthy Dishes Class previously. Too bad I forgot to grab a photo with him since we were busy posing for their in house photographer.

Without further ado, let me unbox my Star5 Water Ionizer.

The box contains the Star5 unit body, acidic water outlet hose, source water inlet hose, acidic water outlet hose holder, water diverter, fuse and pH test reagent. Thanks to my resourceful father, the water ionizer was installed immediately on our kitchen tabletop. As you can see from the black wire and water hose, the ionizer needs to be placed near an electric socket and water pipes.

StarWater Star5 Water Ionizer TFR

Testing Time

Star5 is very easy to use. Just turn on the switch at the bottom to start the machine on stand by mode. When you want to drink the alkaline water, just rotate the water supply control valve clockwise to have water flow into the unit. You will hear a “Siri” alike robotic sound advising the “Alkaline Strength Level”.

For almost a month, I have tried incorporating alkaline water to my daily life from simply using it to wash fruits and vegetables to cook desserts and soups.

I usually drink alkaline water level 2 which is at pH9.0. The water from Star5 water ionizer tastes like the normal plain water. Although it tastes no difference from the water I drink from water boiler, I notice some difference after drinking alkaline water for almost a month.

Observations after drinking StarWater Alkaline Water for almost a month

  1. Fruits and vegetables taste better after washing and soaking with alkaline water. Especially so true for vegetables that are eaten raw in salad. It makes a big difference to picky eater like me who dislike eating vegetable.
  2. Bowel movement is better. My “big business” increases from every 3 days to almost everyday.
  3. I recover faster from vigorous exercise when I drink alkaline water before and after exercising.

After reading my StarWater experience, are you tempted to get one yourself?

Visit StarWater at

1 Kaki Bukit Road 1
#02-12/13 Enterprise One
Singapore 415934

Get Star5 Water Ionizer now as StarWater has extended their National Day promotion. You can purchase it at a discounted price of SGD$1988 instead of the usual price SGD$2188.


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