I Love Grid Style!

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Not sure who started this trend, but grid style design has been all over the internet. Many are using it – Pinterest, Windows Metro UI, Tumblr and many more. For me, I love this design element as it made things look orderly and it is pleasing to eye. Read on to see what I found. Find more webspiration at my Pinterest board.

1) SPH iink Awards 2014

Not only the grid design, I like its kaleidoscope style.

SPH iink Awards 2014

2) Jonite

Who says grids need to be square!

Street Furniture   Decorative Grates   Tree Grates   Gratings   Floor Drains

3) Scotts Square

Kind of synchronise with the brand logo.

Scotts Square

4) Zac Meat

A photo collage style grid. Hover above each image to see the text.

Zac Meat

5) Zensorium

Neat colour scheme.


6) Clipper Tea

Love the website watercolour illustration!

Clipper Tea

7) firefish

Simple and clean layout.


8) Perspective Woodworks & Design

Diagonal square gallery.

Perspective Woodworks   Design

9) Axiom Law

Best part is the interesting writeup for each page/square.


10) My Own Corks

Use of 4 colours and vector art to create this cohesive grid layout.

My Own Cork

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