I Love Goldfish! Part II

I Love Goldfish Part II TFR

More bright and colourful goldfish artwork.

1) Heatwave from Buboplague

Interesting graphic with goldfish blowing fire. Too bad it’s sold out.

Heatwave - 11x14 from Buboplague

2) Party Fish from defectivebarbie

More like Birthday fish! Would be funny to send this artwork as Birthday card to a forgetful Birthday boy or girl.

Party Fish from defectivebarbie

3) Goldfish colour pencil illustration by jc.khoo

How I wish I can draw like this instagrammer!

Goldfish colour pencil illustration by jc.khoo

4) Cheer Up, Goldfish by indigoatmosphere

I like the colours. Really brighten up my day!

Cheer Up, Goldfish by indigoatmosphere

5) fishbowl ring from Jillicious charms& accessories

This will certainly serve as a conversational starter for the wearer. I like how the seller place the ring in a cupcake paper filled with sand.

fishbowl ring from Jillicious charms& accessories

6) Goldfish on Gold from DMoSan

A Chinese watercolour painting.

Goldfish on Gold from DMoSan

7) Goldfish Balloons Print from Shannon Gordy Artwork

A dreamy painting of goldfish balloon.

Goldfish Balloons Print from Shannon Gordy Artwork

8) Goldfishes Swimming Porcelain Necklace from Berlin’s Wishes

A handmade and hand painted necklace.

Goldfishes Swimming Porcelain Necklace from Berlin's Wishes

9) Big head small brain by ghostwounds

A funny title for such a pretty artwork. I like the colour combination.

Big head small brain by ghostwounds


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