Learn to Cook Healthy Dishes with Anna Phua

Healthy cooking Anna Phua Starwater OMY TFROn 23 Jul (Wed), I was invited to attend Healthy Cooking Demo by Chef Anna Phua.During this session, I learnt from Anna about how to prepare healthy food with simple steps and StarWater representative David about the benefits of alkaline water.

Chef Anna Phua’s cooking class was in Atrix Building, at Aljunied, which she has just moved in this year.

Anna Cooking Arts at Aljunied Singapore

A little background of Anna (taken from her website):

Driven with an unquenchable passion for baking and cooking since 14, Anna held her first baking class at 20. 34 years now, this food extraordinaire has been a regular contributor and guest speaker for Mediacorp’s Good Morning Singapore [Channel 8], Channel U’s cooking competition programmes, U-Weekly food columns, Lianhe Zao Bao and The Straits Times.

Her classroom was adorned with numerous newspaper articles of her interview and certificates.

Anna newspaper article TFR

Before learning to cook healthy dishes from Anna, StarWater’s representative David gave us a short presentation of benefits of alkaline water and their product Star5, StarWater Ionizer.

StarWater Singapore Representative David

You may wonder what is

Alkaline water?

PH of common acidic food & alkaline food

A simple chart of PH of common acidic food & alkaline food. Taken from StarWater brochure.

Compare to our tap water which is almost neutral to slightly alkaline, alkaline water has a pH similar to spinach, red wine and lemon (although lemon is sour, it is actually an alkaline food).

Research shown that high acidity within the body is the root of many illnesses. It happens when your body is unable to dispose acidic wastes, which can dramatically lower your immunity and increase susceptibility to illnesses. Alkaline water encourages circulation throughout the body, neutralising any acidity and balancing the body’s pH in the long run. On top of that, it can revitalise cells, boast immunity and even enhance the body’s self-healing capability.

Alkaline water is even more wonderful!

Reason being:

1) If you have toyed with the idea of detox or vegetable juice diet, why not try alkaline water first! Flush out toxic in your body without going a hassle.

2) Alkaline water drinkers have shown to see shifts in things like energy, rashes and cold sores, aches and pains etc. Better than medicine when drinking alkaline water is almost free and without obligation.

Below is Anna’s Star5 Ionizer.

Star 5 Ionizer CloseupMy first thought of Star5 Ionizer, “Wow, it sure looks modern and sophisticated!”

It is designed to take up little space in your kitchen especially important if you do not own a big kitchen at home. From far, I thought it was an expensive coffee machine. This certainly makes it a wonderful kitchen accessory.

What’s more, it has many functions.

Picture taken from StarWater Singapore brochure. Click to view it in larger format.

Picture taken from StarWater brochure. Click to view it in larger format.

Various functions for your everyday needs. Water is separated into alkaline water for daily consumption, while acidic water can be used for cleaning. Moreover there is a Beauty Water function which can be used for shower and facial cleaning. Just thinking why spend big bucks on cosmetic products and facial treatments, when you can do it yourself with Star5 at home.

So many benefits, I’m so tempted to get one for family and myself. It will be a great investment for health!

Now move on to a fun activity. See all those different type of water, soft drinks, cups and bottle on table. David was going to show us the acidity of each common water we drink daily.

Starwater presentation

Tap water that passes through StarWater Ionizer turns into purple in acidity test. Singapore tap water is slightly alkaline as compared to mineral water, soft drink and isotonic water which are acidic. Isotonic drink which I usually drink after exercise is actually acidic. Worse still, mineral water that is supposed to be alkaline is also acidic too. Imagine how much of these water we have been drinking everyday!

Alkaline water

After the acidity experiment,

Chef Anna to the action!

Chef Anna Phua

First, Anna was going to teach us her favourite starter/appetizier, Korean Pear Salad. A simple dish that you can prepare easily at home. Love the pear crunchiness, the sauce citrus taste and the sweetness of the dates.

Next dish was Energising Chicken Soup, my favourite dish out of all 4 dishes. Never thought herbal soup can be so healthy and refreshing. No artificial flavourings and salty aftertaste. Ingredients can be easily bought in NTUC. A dish I can teach my mum to make!

Last two dishes were Black Sesame Seed Rice and Iced Honey Peppermint Lemon Cooler.

Anna showed us healthy food does not mean bland food. They can be very delicious too! Her every dish was so so YUMMY that I crave to eat them everyday! Best of all, they felt light to my stomach. No more bloatedness!

Some side note

Bloggers busily taking photos of Anna's every steps while I took photo of them! =)

Bloggers busily taking photos of Anna’s every steps while I took photo of them! =)

A test of alkaline breath

StarWater’s representative David sabotaged his colleague by asking him to blow numerous times into alkaline water to show us carbon dioxide we breathe out is acidic. His colleague almost ran out of breathe. Poor thing!

I have enjoyed the healthy and sumptuous dinner which was made possible by these lovely ladies who had whipped out a meal in such a short time for so many bloggers present.

The healthy and sumptuous dinner was made possible by these lovely ladies who had whipped out a meal in such a short time for so many bloggers present.

Before we left, Anna, StarWater and OMY had prepared a door gift for us. Thank you so much!

Before we left, Anna, StarWater and OMY had prepared a door gift for us. Thank you so much!

Some goodies for Readers

Anna was very kind to share her healthy dishes recipes with you all. Grab Anna’s recipes designed by The Friday Rejoicer.

Healthy cooking demo collaborated by Anna Phua, StarWater & OMY

Healthy cooking demo collaborated by Anna Phua, StarWater and OMY.

If you are interested in purchasing StarWater Ionizer, there is a special National Day promotion.

Instead of usual price SGD$2188 for Star 5 ionizer, you can purchase it at SGD$1988. What’s more, you save $490, if you trade in with your old ionizer.

Visit StarWater at Enterprise One #02-12, 1 Kaki Bukit Road 1 to get yours now!

Add to your home or office the latest StarWater water ionizer for beneficial health and energising experience today!

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