I Love Goldfish!

I Love Goldfish TFR

Using a new diagonal grid layout for this week I Love Series.

I have never kept a goldfish before but find them pretty with the flowy tail and beautiful colours.

1. Glub Glubs Print from Squidbrains

Cute goldfish drawn in anime style. Goldfish Glub Glubs Print from Squidbrains

2. Balance from Lucky978

I like the rainbow watercolour style. I believe the goldfish has a similarity with the Taoism’s Taijitu (yin and yang circle), therefore this artwork was titled “Balance”.

Balance from Storenvy Artist Lucky978

3. Goldfish nail art from mix49juice

Very aquarium style. Use of glitter and ombre style.Goldfish nail art TFR

4) Gold fish matches long from Trouvés Home and Body

A vintage style matchbox.Gold fish matches long from Trouvés Home and Body

5) Roy G. Biv by Wicked Words

A Daily Prompt entry from WordPress blogger, Wicked Words. Lovely photos!

Roy G. Biv

6) Tancho goldfish screenprint from Storenvy Artist Kokomix

A tri-colour print. This artwork has a dreamy fable-like feel.

Tancho goldfish screenprint from Storenvy Artist Kokomix

7) Dreamy goldfish instagram by Miz311

Indeed very dreamy effect.

Dreamy goldfish instagram by Miz311

8) Goldfish bento by Bento Days, Jean

The goldfishes, which were made from cherry tomatoes, look too cute to be eaten.

Goldfish bento by Bento Days, Jean

9) Origami Goldfish by Tung Nguyen

Beautiful goldfish origami made in dollar note. Too bad there isn’t any instruction. Origami Goldfish by Tung Nguyen

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