I Love Beautiful Image Layout!

I Love Beautiful Image Layout TFR.jpg

So many beautiful image layout that I wish I have thought of it.

Beautiful layout from Studio Songes – great placement of title, caption, photo and slide show buttons.

Studio Songes TFR

Love this typography display by Filip Slováček

 by Filip Slováček TFR

Collage of roses, pink ribbon stripes and different type of fonts make an unique artwork. By Kavan & Co.

by Kavan & Co

This one page website has a special scrolling effect. I like how the designer positions the content title, body text and quote over a giant photograph background. Simple colour scheme. Website.

appliancetecltd.com TFR

Both by Cocorrina. I like this blogger’s style. Pic 1. Pic 2.



A good example on displaying beautiful artwork. By Artful Desperado.

Artful Desperado

A wedding invitation with black base and floral illustration. By Baumbirdy.

Designed by: Baumbirdy

Using reflection symmetry, petal and twigs surround the text in the middle. By Veronica Cordero.

Veronica Cordero

I love this watercolor journal by Sue.h, especially the attractive setting for the photograph. Visit Sue.h. for more beautiful photographs.

By Sue.h

I like Kelsey Cronkhite‘s Traverser Series image layout. Unlike usual square layout, she uses diagonal image composition. Look interesting!

By Kelsey Cronkhite

Simple yet elegant layout. By SARAH D. TOLZMANN.


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