I Love Maps!

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I love maps and I don’t mean the boring Google map or those you seen in geography textbook. Artistic, unusual, colourful maps are what I am going to showcase in this post.

Global Map

Corporate website designers, please ditch that boring world map. Big MNCs which have set up many regional headquarters, sales office, production sites should choose a unique world map on their corporate website to showcase their worldwide presence.

Interesting ropey style from Interface. Certainly agreed with their motto “Design with Purpose”.

Interface ropey map

Love the spidery web global map style of Trafigura.Trafigura spidery web global map

I like OCASA website design style. Their office map design which uses a diagonal grid pattern is in sync with its corporate style.OCASA office map

ASSA ABLOY has a little different from the usual map. The continents’ edges are sharp and angular. The graphic style reminds me of their product.ASSA ABLOY angular map

How I love the colours and graphical style of PANalytical’s global map. The geometry shapes and different shades of blue and brown use in a artistic way.

PANalytical geometry global map

Simon Carves use dots and gradients to decorate their global map.

Simon Carves

Zoom-in Map

MNCs love global map to emphasize how international they go. What about those restaurants, design firm and places of interest that need the detailed map to guide their customers and clients. Here comes some zoom-in map designs.

A simple yet artistic black and white map from design firm, Letters Inc. May not be very useful if you need to find the location though. Check up their website for beautiful website design.Black & white map

Need some bagels? NYC Bagel Factory website features a doodle style map with the interesting tagline and cute bagel to represent the shop.NYC Bagel Factory

Actually I can’t find the original source of this image. Since it states the location of the restaurant, Canteen, I make a guess it might be from their namecard. Love the simplicity of the map. Negative space for roads and red stripes for buildings.Canteen

Another cute doodle style map from Wild Honey. By the way, I like their website too.

Wild Honey Singapore Map

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