Matala to Adelle: The Friday Rejoicer Blog Design Revamp AGAIN!

From this,

The Friday Rejoicer Celebrate every week with pretty finds

to this.

Adelle The Friday Rejoicer   Celebrate every week with pretty findsI’m in love with the black and white Adelle theme.

The reason for changing my theme so soon is that I can’t stand the small font size of the Matala theme body text. It irks me so much that I change the design even though I haven’t design any new background. Current background is taken from my previous blog design using Untitled theme.

A little style guide of this blog header design.

Main colours are black, white and yellow.

Font is Century Gothic. Title uses the bold version while tagline is the regular one.

I hope the header, avatar picture and theme design can fit cohesively. Most importantly more pleasing to the eye to you all the readers.

>>>>> Thanks for visiting! <<<<<

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