I Love Lion!

lion-alt-art.jpgAren’t these big cats super gorgeous?

1) Lion – What an interesting composition of double exposure art! I would name this art “The Lion’s Dream”.

2) Pinata Lion Baby Doll by JubjubtheJabberwocky – A baby lion that will be so adorable to be made into a real doll. (Link down. Artist now known as Koi-Sauce but this lion artwork is no longer in her deviantart gallery.)

3) Lion sketch by sketchinthoughts – I like this lion drawing style. Would make an interesting protagonist of a children storybook.

4) King of the Jungle – The King is trapped in my hands!

5) Rosa Lion 1 – Totally can imagine this pattern on the nursery bedsheets and blankets.

6) The Lion Sleeps Tonight – More like a sad lion sleeping in zoo/jail.

7) L for Lion – L for Love of Lion. (Link down)

8) Beginnings of Success: Lion, Witch and the Hairdresser – A funny lion that looks like a teddy bear with wig!

9) Lion Chief – The grandest lion!

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