I Love Watermelon!

I love watermelon! Craft, art, makeup & food

I’m craving for watermelon in this hot and sizzling summer!

1) Our Watermelon Party 4th Birthday – Steph’s watermelon theme birthday party is really cool! Love the cake and decorations.

2) Watermelon Tie Dye Shorts DIY – This DIY piece is sure attention grabbing. I would love to try this method on a tee.

3) Day 4: Watermelon vs Watercolor – The post title is so catchy. W&W. I like the fading effect which make the watermelon looks very cooling for summer.

4) Juicy Watermelon mani with Essie Watermelon! – A must do nail art for this summer!

5) Today’s project is brought to you by.. – Watermelon-ish colour palette.

6) Watermelon by Breathtaken – A creative eye makeup.

7) FREE PRINTABLE: WATERMELON INVITATION – I like the triangle pattern on the envelope which matches the watermelon shaped card.

8) Sushi dog Cairo by balanuts – Can’t resist the ubercuteness of this doggy.

9) A splash of colour – Love this pattern. Would look great on a wrapping paper and fabric.

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