Make it twice – Liebster Award!


Thank you Liane for nominating me for Liebster Award!

Although it is my second Liebster (first Liebster here), I’m still very delighted to get it again.

The more the merrier!

This time I changed the rules and shortened the writing process but added more design element.

Below, I have picked 5 questions given by Liane. Using the ColourLover palette, Dragon & Papaya by farnart and Illustrator, I created this graphical Q&As.


Lastly, I want to pass the joy of Liebster Award with bloggers who have signed up for Blogging 101 & 201.

  1. Mr Feather
  2. Karen Cropper
  3. Meg
  4. Seikaiha
  5. Magaret 
  6. Mara Eastern
  7. redstuffdan
  8. Konko
  9. Trent
  10. Reinhard Marton
  11. The Tweedlets 
  12. Lhu Wen Kai
  13. psychosomaticallyinlove
  14. activearmywife 
  15. MicroGalactic

To all of the above bloggers, maybe you have never heard of this award, already won it before, or totally dislike all awards, I really hope you can join in the fun and treat this as a challenge.

My question is as simple as:


words/ colours/ animals/ songs/

Disney characters / Greek mythological figures

to describe YOURSELF

It can be in a form of essays, drawings, photographs, collage, video or any other media for expression.

You can choose to follow my question or simply go crazy to let the readers know more about you.

Lastly, enjoy and have fun!

>>>>> Thanks for visiting! <<<<<

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11 replies to “Make it twice – Liebster Award!

  1. Whew! I’m extremely flattered by the nomination and I love your rules! It may take me a while to respond to this, but I’m totally putting this on my to-do blogging list. Thank you so much for your kindness in nominating me!!


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