I love Superheroes! Part II

Superheroes Part II alittletypical.jpg1 collage is not enough for all Superheroes. Here is Part II. See Part I, here.

1) The Amazing Spider-Man – webbvisual used approximately 40 hours to complete this artwork. It is certainly AMAZING!

2) My Handmade Home –  I like this stained glass of Batman’s symbol. Great colours. Samantha used it to wards away evil-doers. =)

3) A4 Batkids II Print from Little Pop Studio – Another Batman series from Little Pop Studio. I also featured their another artwork in Part I of I Love Superheroes series.

4) Super Yuki to the Rescue! – This is my favourite among all my Superheroes finds. I like colours and the uniqueness of this one-of-a-kind Superhero costume.

5) Captain America by dermitdemschnauzer – My favourite Captain America artwork.

6) 4 Costumes very easy to do DIY for CARNIVAL (boy and girl) – Although I can’t understand Spanish, this cannot stop me from liking this adorable Batman costume. For no reason, I like the yellow diaper cover. I can imagine how cute it will be to see a baby Batman!

7) Mini superheroes by Ziano87 – Mini mini superheroes come to the rescue!

8) Superhero Inspired mask set from Marron Studio – Featuring the same artist from the previous collage!

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