Name your blog like a PRO


Want to start a blog but have no idea what to name it?

The blog name/domain/ID you want is taken, how about other alternatives?

Have your blog content changed over time and in need of a new name to house the new content?

If you answer a “Yes” for any of the above 3 questions, you must absolutely read this post.

Ok, I know my blog name is not exactly fantastic to give advice, but this post is all about summary of my favourite blog naming PROs.

Name your blog like a PRO by alittletypical1) Name after YOU

Obviously it is your blog, so name it after you. However, your name may be taken (especially if you have very a common name), you can add some terms (noun, adjective, verb) before and after.

Instead of “.com”, use special extension like “.net”, “.me”, “.sg”, “.fr”. Get more info from WordPress help, here.

Let’s look.

Name your blog like a PRO by alittletypical2) Create a word

Common words or word pairing are all taken up, so why not create your own unique word. Combine your name, an action, your favourite thing with other prefixes and suffixes.

Name your blog like a PRO by alittletypical3) Start with ‘THE’

Although SEO experts said you should not add ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘the’ in the domain, sometimes you may need that extra letters to get your favourite name or simply make the blog name sound or look nicer.

You can simply exclude them in domain but include them only in the header design.

Name your blog like a PRO by alittletypical4) Use other language

Use your native language for untaken blog names. Love french, greek, japan or korea spelling, then find the translation of the word you want to use.

Name your blog like a PRO by alittletypical
5) Combine with “&”

One is not enough, make it two.

Name your blog like a PRO by alittletypical6) What are you writing?

Use the genre you are blogging about. Great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Name your blog like a PRO by alittletypical

7) Oh, _____!

Name your blog like a PRO by alittletypical

8) Make it SWEET

Not a food blog, yet using a food name. Maybe they sound sweeter!

Above are my favourite blogroll. Have been following them via WordPress Reader and Bloglovin.

Now, starts reading the “About” page of your favourite bloggers to see how they derive their blog names!

If all these fail, then chill and relax, and take whatever words that come into your mind. Make it fantastic with good blog content!

PS: Also do share your blog name stories here!

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