I love Superheroes!

I Love Superheroes! Curated by alittletypical.wordpress.com. Batman, superman, hero, cute, nail, illustration, craft, decals, printable, diy

Although titled “I love Superheroes!”, almost most of the photos/graphics contains a little or mainly Batman. Batman is sure popular!

1) My Nails & Toes I painted myselfChubbyballoon’s cute chibi superheroes series.

2) Superhero Family Car Decal from Stickie Situations – Join the superheroes family with this car decal. Kind of DIY your own “Incredibles”.

3) Easter superheroes by Off-Elie – Super bunnies!

4) Superhero Inspired Cupcake Toppers from Marron Studio – I bet there will be no cupcakes left if you bake with this cupcake toppers and wrappers.

5) Robin Chibi by Ebony-Rose13 – I can’t resist chibi superheroes! Awww~

6) DIY REVERSIBLE SUPERHERO CAPE – Superman and Batman are long lost brothers! Making mischief since young.

7) A SUPERHERO VS AN ELECTRIC BEAST by ViciousJulious – Who do you support?Who wins?

8) A4 Batboys II Print from Little Pop Studio – Great for Batman fan boys and girls!

[Updated on 17 Apr 2014. See Part II, here.]

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