Incredible Dine in the Dark Experience

My first ever Dine in the Dark experience organised by Asia Square management and Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH) on Earth Hour, 29 Mar 2014.

An incredible and enlightening dinner!

image001I was very lucky to receive a free ticket to this special event. What a special way to celebrate the Earth Hour this year.

The program flow taken from the email.

  • 7.00pm Registration and pre-dinner drinks
  • 7.45pm Welcome note, Cheque Presentation & Briefing
  • 8.00pm Diners ushered to seats
  • 8.30pm Commencement of Dinner
  • 9.45pm Round up and Feedback forms
  • 9.50pm End of Dinner

My friends and I were at Asia Square before the 7pm. Many people has gathered at the Food Garden of Asia Square at level 2 for registration, browsing of exhibition and phototaking session.

Earth Hour alittletypical-14

Above is a photo of participants queuing to enter the mysterious hooded eating area. Friendly crews from the association would bring us in hand in hand.

No photos during the dinner as lights were all out for the whole meal. It was so dark that I could not even see my hands. Spot of lights could be seen from the building fire alarm sensor. As we were briefed before the meal, we could only visualise how the table setting with the below photo brochure.

Earth Hour alittletypical-20

The food was more delicious when it was eaten in total black. I could forsake the visuality of food but just enjoyed purely the fragrant and taste. No picking of food as I was unable to make out the food before putting into my mouth. Every bite was precious when the food was not easily spooned out and dropped off quite a numerous of times. Started of with salmon veggie salad. Next was the main course of grilled fish, mash potato and coleslaw. Finally ended of with the dessert – little tub of strawberry flavoured ice cream with wooden spoon.

After finishing the 3 courses, lights were on at the end of dinner.

Earth Hour alittletypical-16
Beautiful lanterns.
Earth Hour alittletypical-19
Chit chatting and questionnaire session.
Earth Hour alittletypical-15
My table’s helpful and courteous waiter, Zac.


Earth Hour alittletypical-17
Leaving time.
Earth Hour alittletypical-18
Tables of mess after finishing 3-course meals in pitch dark.

Some souvenirs after the event.



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