I love Confetti!

i love confetti alittletypical.jpgConfetti is everyone’s favourite. I found 12 confetti theme cards, accessories, nails and graphics. All edited in PicMonkey. Enjoy!

confetti card alittletypical.jpg1. Save The Date card by Alfie Design – I like the colours. DIY yours with holepouch some coloured papers and using pencil back to dot the watercolour dots.

2. LOVE CARD WITH CONFETTI by Maggie Holmes Design – A confetti shake it card.

3. Painted Confetti in Mini Envelope by The Yearning Robot – Oh, what a cute dainty mini envelop with little colourful surprise.

confetti nails alittletypical.jpg4. L’Oreal Top Coat Confetti by Sinead – Black and white confetti on fuchsia base.

5. JELLY ART DECO SKITTLES by October – Instead of the Great Gatsby-esque design, I prefer the confetti nails with transparent shiny base.

6. Carnival Nails feat. Born Pretty Store Glitter – This is my favourite. The colour contrast of bright confetti with almost white/nude base colour.

confetti accessories alittletypical7. Confetti Glitter Ombré sparkle bow from KatieCraftShack – I like this party feel ribbon bow.

8. Colorful Confetti Ring from Indie Darling – I can imagine matching this ring with a vintage blouse, pleated skirt, a brown satchel bag and oxford flats.

9. krazy kaleidoscope silver post earrings from Pixies Trinkets – My favourite out of these three accessories. Love the galaxy colours. It is like million of stars trapped in the earrings.

confetti graphic alittletypical.jpg

10. Fire Autumn by GirlWithAWolfDemon – Fall palette.

11. Confetti wallpaper 2 (realistic) by keyda3star – Made me think of sweets.

12. Raindrops And Confetti in primary colours by hilmari – Party party!

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