More Awesomeness from iLight Marina Bay 2014

My first video!

About iLight Marina Bay 2014 – A3 iSwarm, done by SUTD – THOMAS SCHROEPFER & SURANGA NANAYAKKARA.

The next video is about the laser water show at Marina Bay Sands.

It is named Wonder Full and begins every evening 8 and 9.30pm. For Friday and Saturday, begins every evening 8, 9.30 and 11pm.

Pardon my video’s quality, video-taking and editing skill.

All taken without tripod, in the hazy condition and all out of spontaneity.

As my first youtube post, I used youtube editor to trim and add in text to the videos. Not exactly what I wanted but was a great learning experience. At least easy for beginner like me.

Anyway actually should be 3 videos but one of the videos which is about B14 Celebration of Life has file corrupted problem. I can only view on my macbook but unable to upload in any video sharing sites. [Edited on 19 Mar – I managed to savage some parts for the video of B14 Celebration of Life thanks to Online Video Cutter. The only video editor that allows me to upload and edit online even with the corrupted file. Enjoy the short clip of B14 Celebration of Life with dramatic music.]

Read my previous post for more photos of iLight Marina Bay 2014.

Lastly do check up iLight Marina Bay 2014 before it ends.

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3 replies to “More Awesomeness from iLight Marina Bay 2014

  1. An error occurred for 3rd video, unable to view.

    I have watched Wonder Full before, then I can save some time for iLight Marina Bay. If you take the video right in front of the show, I believe the result will be better. But there must be a lot of people, difficult to get a good spot to take video.


    1. Thanks for informing me! We went to other parts of iLight display before we returned to the Wonder Full display area. It was really crowded with a lot of tourists. I stood quite near to the fence but too close to get the full view of the show.


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