Guide to phone number porting to another Telecom

Drawn on Zen!
Drawn on Zen!

All my friends know that I own the outdated phone and use a prepaid plan with no internet access. So no Whatsapp, Instagram, frequent Facebook post.

Today I finally made a step to upgrade my phone to postpaid plan. However, the time for me to get a new phone is still postponed. The reason being I have to wait to get my phone number to be ported to another Telecom.

Yesterday I visited Singtel shop thinking of getting a postpaid plan. And before it can be done, I need to port my M1 prepaid number to Singtel prepaid first. I saw from various websites and forums that it can be done but with not much details. Now, I will share my experience and go through the process step-by-step.

For my case I wanted to port my M1 prepaid phone number to Singtel prepaid.

First, go to the Singtel cashier to request for the number porting. The salesperson informed me that the process may take 7 to 14 days. So do remember to leave some value in your card before the porting process complete. Take out your sim card from phone and together with your IC, the salesperson will process it. The salesperson will read the ICCID number from your sim card which she will scan with a machine.

One thing to note is that the sim card need be registered under your name. Otherwise, you will need the original user to register it under your name at the Telecom you currently use.

Luckily, this sim card was registered under my name even though I had already forgotten. Save the trouble to go to M1. Once it was done, you will require to buy a new sim card. As I wanted to get a new phone fast, I bought the cheapest one. Micro sim card costs $18 while normal sim costs $8.

The salesperson suggested to activate the new sim card on another phone which I not entirely sure of the reason. Perhaps you can still use your phone with the current sim card before the new sim card porting process complete. I was intending to borrow my sister’s Samsung S2 phone. However, I used up the whatever value left and immediately slotted in the new sim card to my Nokia phone. As the porting is still in process, I could still use the phone but with a different number instead.

Meanwhile, you will receive sms like below.

Fm Singtel: Dear Customer, the tentative date to process your mobile number porting request is 27/02/2014. Thank you.

And after one day, voila, the porting process was completed. It was real fast. Same day registration with almost immediate sms reply that the porting will be activated the next day.

Dear Customer, you have successfully ported into Singtel. Your mobile no. will be switched to your Singtel port-in no. from 28/02/2014. You are now connected to the Singtel network.

Now, I can sms and call my family and friends using the same number. Hassle-free number porting. No need to inform them about change of number, bla bla.You can then proceed to the usual phone buying process – upgrade prepaid to postpaid plan.

Hope my post can provide some insights for those who want to port phone number.

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    1. I know. But I want to apply corporate plan which my company only allows Singtel and Starhub. And if I am no longer using corporate plan, I can join my family who has 25% discount for Singtel bundle plan.


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