DIY Valentine Gift Bag & Card with Printable


Valentine is coming!

Have you prepared the special gift for your loved ones?

DIY with alittletypical’s Valentine printable.

Can be turned into card, wrapping paper and even a gift bag.

Does your house still left a lot of paper carriers?

The one you used to bring mandarin oranges to friends’ and relatives’ house.

Since Chinese New Year and Valentine are so close this year, why not recycle those Chinese New Year paper carrier for Valentine gift bag!

Materials are as below:


You will need A CNY paper carrier, scotch tape/double sided tape and scissors (optional).

Download my printable here.

3d-paper-heart-combinedPick any one of the three designs and print in A3 size.


First, remove the straps. Next, place the carrier at the centre of the paper. Then, tape the sides. Fold up to cover the front and back of paper carrier. Tape the edges into the inner side. Just like how you wrap up a gift, do it the as the third image. Lastly, poke the holes at the original holes of the paper carrier. Put in the strap and your Valentine gift bag is ready.

 Here is my Valentine gift bag and card!


Hope you all like my printable and gift bag tutorial.

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5 replies to “DIY Valentine Gift Bag & Card with Printable

    1. My house has quite a number of CNY paper carriers which my parents keep for years. So instead of only use once a year, I might as well use it for more occasion. Glad you like the idea!


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