Money money, lucky lucky!


Are you going lucky during Lunar New Year?

Above are my shares of hongbao received. And my first lottery ticket.

The week before and during Chinese New Year will sure attract a lot of gamblers and non-gamblers to try their luck at lottery pool. Perhaps the next millionaire will be you or me.

Anyway, as a non-gambler, I finally made my first bet after going to adulthood for years. Bought 4D on CNY eve eve (2 days before CNY). $2 bet on my birthday numbers and as usual with no luck, I didn’t become the next millionaire. Never mind, this will be my first and last 4D I bought. Heartache my $2.

Finally, my luck changed on CNY third day. I was reminded to bring lots of $2 note to my friend’s house for a little Blackjack playing. Set a budget of $8, I started my first gambling game. At the start, I was having really bad luck. Out of 10 rounds, I won once, kept my stake for 4 rounds and lost all the money and a Takashimaya voucher. I wanted to stop but one friend lent me a $2 note to join in the fun. Thanks to her, I started winning consecutively. First I managed to win the banker with a 16 points. Banker overshot the limit. Then I got Blackjack with an ace and a jack or queen. Next, 2 aces. Lastly, getting 5 cards yet did not overshot the limit. The banker was scared of me in the end. Finally ended the game with winning $14, enough money to taxi back home. Haha!

Although I had won the game, I was slightly fearful of the side effects. Would this use up my luck for this whole year? Would this start of my life as a gamble addict?

So to make a promise to myself, I will still continue my no-gambling life – no 4D, Toto or betting games. However, not to be a mood-spoiler, a budget of $10 can be used for friends gathering during festive period.

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