I love Eiffel Tower!

i-love-eiffel-tower-alittletypicalCollage series part 2 – Eiffel Tower

I have a friend who loves anything with Eiffel Tower. It can be key chain, jewelry box, calendar, organiser, pencil box, book stand and etc. She will go crazy with anything with Eiffel Tower. There was once I went shopping with her, she could spot the products with Eiffel Tower immediately. She tends to say she has affinity with it. Everywhere she goes, she seems to be surrounded by them.

Hope my collage don’t tempt her for another shopping spree!

Eiffel Tower Charm Ring by SOMETHiNGMONUMENTAL Etsy Store // Macaron coin purse with Eiffel Tower by qiqikoko Etsy Store // Eiffel Tower Paris Art Print – Watercolor Illustration – Wall Decor by WatercolorPrint Etsy Store

Vintage Style Eiffel Tower Stainless Steel Antique Bronze Scissors by happysupplies Etsy Store // I blame Dolly Clackett! by Pendle Stitches // a curve in the iron 8×10 from {little.green.bird} Storenvy Store

Eiffel Tower 3D Pop-Up Cards from Linking-Hearts Storenvy Store // DIY – Souvenir de Paris by Simplette //Architectural Quilling by All Things Paper

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