Blogskin revamped!

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Finally made up my mind to pick a new WordPress theme.

I have been considering over Coraline, Chateau, Ari and Koi themes which fits most of my criteria – free, with 2 columns and allows easy customisation.

As I could not make the final decision among the choices, suddenly, I came across Untitled on Theme Showcase. I have seen this theme but have never tried it. After testing it on my Test blog, I’m in love with it.

I’m so so so in LOVE with the neutral colour palette used. Most themes I like uses blue or red for hyperlinks which can’t be modified.

I like the big font on the body text. Plus, it comes with an unique feature – Front Page Slider. Immediately, I get all my graphics up. All within the two hours after choosing the theme.

This time I used a simpler background created at Stripe Generator. It is very easy to use and create variety of stripe based on your choice of colours, width and orientation. And, it adds special effects like shadow and gradient to your stripe. Save me heap of time to create a striped seamless pattern on Photoshop.

New blogskin really lifts my spirit and makes my blogging spirit high!

>>>>> Thanks for visiting! <<<<<

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