Utopia Festival 2013 @ UOB Plaza Nov

Chinese Opera by Lin Wei Xin.
Chinese Opera
Lin Wei Xin.

Currently, UOB Plaza 1 Atrium and Lobby at Raffles Place in UOB Painting is having an exhibition from 1 – 10 November 2013. Free admission.


The UOB Painting of the Year Reimagined exhibition is an interactive art display where technology and art merge to encourage the audience to experience and to appreciate paintings in ways never seen before. In this exhibition, 14 award-winning paintings from the UOB Painting of the Year collection have been digitally deconstructed and re-imagined to draw attention to the finer details of the artworks.

This exhibition is organised by United Overseas Bank (UOB) and the UTOPIA festival organiser Chouette. Combining technology and art, audience are able to interact with the art piece at a closer distance. Appreciating art is no longer bound in museums.

My Dream Land (2011) Gong Yao Min
My Dream Land (2011)
Gong Yao Min

“My Dream Land (2011)” by Gong Yao Min combined high rise buildings and Singapore’s different mode of transport in this black and white drawing.

CameraZOOM-20131031180549829alittletypical CameraZOOM-20131031180553620alittletypical

One special thing of this drawing is that it is an animated version. See how the cityline and vehicles slowly scroll through from right to left, showing a slower pace of life unlike our busy urban life. It made me think of old London streets.

I like how the exhibition uses ipad to allow visitors to browse through the gallery of artworks. No longer is art restricted to the size of the exhibition. Many artworks can be displayed altogether in a ipad. Can’t see the artwork details? Pinch and zoom in on ipad to see the artwork enlarge on the high definition TV screen.

Here are some photos I taken on the site:

Do visit the exhibition before it ends on 10 Nov.

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